What is Computer? Types of Computer

Hye friends, welcome to my website, So friends, today we are discuss about What is Computer and Types of Computer. How many types of Computer , Classified of Computer on the basic of their capability and structure. So let’s Start.
A Computer is on electronic machine. Which takes and stores the data (unit) from user and process that data to give meaningful result (output).
C   Common
O   Oriented
M   Machine
P   Particularly
U   Used for
  Education and
R   Research.
What is computer, Types of computer

Do You think there is only one type of computer that you see in your computer room? No! there are different type of computer.

Classification of Computer on the basic of their size and capability (Power) :-

1 Micro Computer :- Micro Computer are small size computers in which micro processor chip in used. They can only by single user at a time. Micro Computer are Single-User Computers and known as Personal Computers. Through this type of computer we can do all kinds of works and they are very cheap. IBM-PC (IBM Means Indian Business Machine) is the most popular Example of Micro Computer.

These Computer can Further be classified into the following catagerious :-

(i) Personal Computer :- These Computers are used by one person at a time. They are used mainly at hoe or offices.

(ii) Network Computer :- When a person computer is connected to network is become a network computer and is called a node to that network More then one computer is connected in a network. They Can share their data and programs with other computers within a network.

2 Portable Computer :- These computers use color or monochrome monitor, LCD Monitors.

These Computer can Further be classified into the following catagerious :-

(i) Laptop :- A Laptop is a Micro Computer that can be used while person is travelling. It looks like a briefcase, Generally, 256 MB memory and 40 GB hard disk is found these Computers.

(ii) Notebook :- These Computer are slightly smaller and thinner than LAPTOP Computers. You can easily keep them in a briefcase, while Travelling.

(iii) Palmtop :- These are the smaller computer. They can easily fit on your palm. They do not have a proper keyboard and display. Some of them do not even have a keyboard inserted they have a touch screen. It means the button are located on the screen and you have to LAP them with a plastic stick called stylus. These have their own special software and are not capable of executing standard software.

3 Mini Computer :- A mini Computer is a multi-user computer capable of supporting from to hundreds of user simultaneously. They are at least five time faster then micro computer. They have a big Memory. They can use Input and Output device. Today these computer are used mostly as a server in a computer network. A server in LAN is the example of Mini Computer.

4 Mainframe Computer :- A Mainframe Computer is a Powerful Multi-user Capable of sporting many Hundred and Thousand of user Simultaneously. These Computer are versatile fast and have a huge memory size. They are used rarely because their cost is very high. Example, Mainframe Computer are IBM-3090, IBM-4300 and CYBER 170.

5 Super Computer :- Super Computer are the fasters Computers they can perform millions of instructions Per second they are built to person complex scientific calculations. They are mainly user in weather forecasting, nuclear, research, launching of rocketes, monitoring of satellites, space research, earthqueck predictions etc. The first super computer developed in USA was Cryal Param in an example of Super Computer. Which has been developed in India.

Classification of computer on the basis of their structure and operating system.

On the basic of computer structure and operating system they are classified as :-
1 Analog Computer :- Analog means physical data which is continuous in nature. These computer perform their work by measuring physical quantilities. These computer are extensivelty used in Industrial process control and science research and laboratories.  They are special purpose computer which carry out a specially assigned task. They are used in thermostats, speedometer, barometer, voltmeters etc.

2 Digital Computer :- Micro Computer of personal computer which can be found at your home, school, and offices are digital computer. Digital means digit oriented data. Digital Computer perform their function by counting. They accepted data in discrete form only. These computer can be special purpose Computer and general purpose computers, depending on their use.

3 Hybrid Computer :- Hybrid Means the combination of two our more different kinds of thinks. A high hybrid computer has analog and digital features. These computer work by counting as well as measuring quantities. Example of such computer is ECG Machine. These Computer are used in advance scientific research space research and satellites.

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