50+ Most Computer Objective Question and Answer with pdf

Most Important Computer General Knowledge Question and Answer

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50+ Most Computer Objective Question and Answer with pdf
Computer Basics Question and Answer

Question 1. Who is called as the father of computer science ?
Answer. Charles Babbage.

Question 2. What is a Program?
Answer. It is a set of instructions written in a sequence.

Question 3. What is Computer ?
Answer. Computer is an electronic device.

Question 4. What is the full form of HTML ?
Answer.  Hyper Text Markup Language.

Question 5. What is the full form of HTTP ?
Answer.  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

Question 6. Which electronic component was used in first generation computers?
Answer. Electronic tube.

Question 7. Which concept was developed by John Von Neumann ?
Answer. Stored Program Concept.

Question 8. Which is the oldest calculating machine ?
Answer. Abacus.

Question 9. What does an IC Contain ?
Answer. It contains transistors, capacitors, resistors and diodes.

Question 10. What is computer generation ?
Answer. It is various stages of development of computer technology.

Question 11. What is Input Device ?
Answer. It is an electromechanical device which accepts data and translate this data which the computer can interpret.

Question 12. What does Japanese call to their 5th Generation Computer.
Answer. Knowledge Information Processing System (KIPS)

Question 13. What is Intelligent Quotient (IQ) of a Computer ?
Answer. NIL

Question 14. What is Output Device ?
Answer. Output device is an electromechanical device that accepts data from a computer and changes into such a form which is used by the user.

Question 15. Which is most common Input Device ?
Answer. Keyboard

Question 16. What are input/output devices ?
Answer. The I/O devices communicate between the computer and user.

Question 17. Which windows version is now available ?
Answer.  Window 10

Question 18. What does an operating system uses ?
Answer.  Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Question 19. What are data scanning devices ?
Answer. These are input devices  that are used to directly enter data into the computer from some source document.

Question 20. What do you understand by bar codes ?
Answer. Bar code represent alphanumeric data by a combination of adjacent vertical lines by varying the width and spacing between them. A bar code reader is used for reading codes data.

Question 21. How the dot matrix printers form characters ?
Answer. They form characters and images by a matrix of dots.

Question 22. What is a speech synthesizer ?
Answer. A synthesizer converts text information into spoken words.

Question 23. What type of input a computer accepts ?
Answer. Digits, Alphabets, Signals.

Question 24. What do you understand by voice recognition devices ?
Answer. These are input devices that allow a person to input data o a computer system by speaking into it.

Question 25. What do you understand by soft copy and hard copy output ?
Answer. Soft copy out is temporary output while the hard copy out is permanent in nature.

Question 26. Which is the most popular output device ?
Answer. Monitor.

Question 27. What are the most commonly used output devices that give hard copy ?
Answer. Printers.

Question 28. What are the various types of computer ?
Answer. Analog, Hybrid and Digital Computer etc.

Question 29. Define Analog Computer ?
Answer. It is any device which represents changing values by a continuous variable physical property such as voltage or current, fluid pressure, liquid level and so on.

Question 30. Define Digital Computer ?
Answer. A digital computer counts and answer in How many.

Question 31. What is cache Memory ?
Answer. It is a high speed expensive memory which is used as a scratch pad.

Question 32. What is Computer Language ?
Answer.  A language which is acceptable to a computer is called computer language.

Question 33. What is Programming Language ?
Answer.  The process of writing instructions or coding is called a programming language.

Question 34. What is a Machine Language ?
Answer. A language which a computer can understand without a translator is called a machine language. It is in the strings  of 0’s and 1’s.

Question 35. What does an assembler do ?
Answer.  It is a translator program which translates an assembly language program (Source Program) into equivalent machine language program (Object program)

Question 36. What does Compiler do ?
Answer.  It is a translator program which converts a high level language program into equivalent machine language program.

Question 37. Which high level languages are used today ?
Answer.  COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, BASIC, C, C++, Java, LISP, Snowbol etc.

Question 38. What are the salient features of good programming language.
Answer.   Nature of the application familiarity with the language, learning of the language, availability of program developing tools, execution efficiency are the salient features of a good programming language.

Question 39. What is the full form of OOP, FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, RPG, LISP, SNOWBOL ?
Answer.  OOP  : Object Oriented Programming
               FORTRAN : Formula Translation
               COBOL : Common Business Oriented Language
               BASIC : Business All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
               RPG : Report Porgam Generator
               LISP : List Processing
               SNOWBOL : String Oriented Symbolic Language

Question 40. Write Different Versions of window ?
Answer.  Window XP, Window XP Professional, Window 7, Window 10, Window 8, Window 8.1, Window Vista etc.

Question 41. What is Windows Explorer ?
Answer. It is an application program used to search files and folders.

Question 42. What is a Wallpaper ?
Answer. You can place beautiful pictures on the desktop. These pictures are called wallpaper.

Question 43. What all functions you can perform by Explorer ?
Answer.  Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename etc.

Question 44. What is a calculator ?
Answer.  It is a simple program and it works like a calculator.

Question 45. What is Linux ?
Answer.  It is a free, unix like os designed for intel professors on PC architecture machines.

Question 46. How many bits Linux Supports ?
Answer.  64 bit

Question 47. What is a Macro ?
Answer.  A macro is a sequence of commands you or a user can repeat at will.

Question 48. Define Keyword ?
Answer. A keyword is a word that is part of the built-in language.

Question 49. What is DOS ?
Answer. MS-DOS is a single user, single tasking operating system which provides Character User Interface (CUI)

Question 50. Which is the first 64-bit operating system from Microsoft ?
Answer.  Window XP is 64-bit edition.

Question 51. What is Single Tasking Operating System (OS) ?
Answer. An OS that can process only one application at a time.

Question 52. What is Multitasking Operating System (OS) ?
Answer. An OS that can process multiple applications or tasks simultaneously.

Question 53. What is an Operator ?
Answer. An operator is a symbol used to compare, combine or otherwise work with values in an expression.

Question 54. What is a variable ?
Answer. A variable is a location in memory set aside for storing a piece of information that can change while a procedure is running.

Question 55. What is a loop ?
Answer. A loop is structure (Block of code) that repeats a number of times.

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