Computer and Calculator - What's Difference

At this stage we can say that any calculating device is a calculator. Sometimes we use our computer as a calculator. 
Let us see the difference between them.

Computer and Calculator - What's Difference
1. A calculator only performs arithmetic calculations whereas computer acts as a general purpose device. A computer can do comparison and can perform logical operations.
2. A calculator works on instructions while computer works on instructions in the form of programs.
3. A computer has memory and can hold instructions and processed data while computer works on instructions in the form of programs.
4. A computer is a costly device as compared to a calculator.
5. A computer calculates instructions at a very high speed while a calculator takes lot of time to perform simple calculations. 
6. A computer can accepts data, process it and store the result automatically which is not possible in a calculator. 
7. The keypad of a calculator contains numbers and mathematical functions while the keyboard of a computer contains alphabets, numbers and many other characters.
8. The screen of a calculator is much smaller than the screen of a computer.But inspite of the above difference between a computer and a calculator both have few similarities also. These are :-
(i) Both computer and calculator are electronic devices.
(ii) Both can perform calculations.

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