What is Microsoft Word 2007
Microsoft Word 2007
What is Microsoft Word 2007
First of all, do you really know what is used word? Microsoft word is one of the office sites of Programme, normally, you can use this program to do your documents that containts text or graphic, such as letter, company memo, flyer, etc.
          If you are new to office word 2007, this page going to guide you form the very basic to move more in depth topic and features related to word 2007.
          As usual, the most common way to start word 2007 is from the start menu displayed when you click the start button at the left end of the Microsoft windows taskbar.
To start Microsoft word 2007 from the start menu :

Click on the start button, point to all programme then click on Microsoft office and click on Microsoft office word 2007 again.

The first Screen that you will see a new blank page documents you ma notice that the look of the program window has changed radically from previous version.

When You first start word this environment consists of the following elements :
  • When you click the office button, command related to managing word and word documents are gathered together on this menu.

  • The title bar displays the name of the document. At the right end of the title bar are the three familier buttons minimize, restore and close button.

  • Across the bottom of the program window, the status bar gives us you information about the current document.

  • At the right end of the status bar is the view toolbar, which provides tools for adjusting the view of document content.

  • “Word 2007 screen Elements – knowing the function of the word 2007 screen elements”

  • Once you want to start learning word 2007. It’s important to know the word 2007 screen elements as well as it’s function.

  • The Word 2007 window this many features to aid you in creating and editing document following are the description of some important elements.

The Word 2007 window this many features to aid you in creating and additing documents. Following are the description of some important elements :

Office Button : Opens the offices menu, from which you can open save, print, and start new presentations.

Quick Access Toolbar : A Small toolbar next to the office button contains shortcut for some of the most common commands.

Title Bar : Identifies the word program running and the name of the active presentation.

Minimize button : Shinks the application window to a bar on the taskbar you click its button on the taskbar to reopen it.

Minimize/Restore Button :  If the window is maximized (full screen) click will changes it to windowed (not full screen) and vice versa.

Close/Quit Button : Closes the Applications.

Ribbon : Function as a Combination of menu bar and toolbar offering tabbed “pages” of buttons, lists and command.

View Buttons : Allow you to see the active word window page in different views.

Status Bar : Reports information about the presentation and provides shortcuts for changing the view and the zoom.

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