Word 2007 styles : How and Why to Apply styles in Your document.
Word 2007 styles : How and Why to Apply styles in Your document.
First of all, you may not know what is style or word 2007 state feature ?
A style is a set of formatting instructions, In other term, It is a way to give a name to a group of formatting attributes such as font formatting (color, size etc) paragraph formatting calignment :spacing etc.

Microsoft word 2007 allow you to create your own word styles and also cme with a number of build in styles, among the most important build in styles are the standard heading styles heading 1, heading 2, heading 3 etc.

Once you have defined a styles, you can quickly and easily format text simple applying that style without the need to apply text formatting individually styles can save a lot of time and help insure consistency In your document.

With the heading styles, word can Automatically create a table of contents and you also can use heading to define cross-references. Here we show you show you how to use styles to create a later.

To apply the styles :

Place the cursor in the chapter title or heading in your document.

In the styles group, click on a suitable heading such as title for the hightest lever heading 1 for the next level etc.

To see styles, click the more move icon in the style group and you choose any intended style.

Note :

For each chapter title and heading, you needs to apply the style.

To heading styles and the TOC work, together or word designate heading 1 title to the hightest level in next hightest and it’s heading 3 is the following level.

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