You were deeply disturbed when you read about role of the corrupt practices in public life. You decide to write and article on “Corruption in Public Life” for the National Daily ‘Janhit’. Write this article not more than 200 words.
Corruption in India

                           Corruption in India
India is one of the corrupt countries of the world. Corruption is in full swing here. Offering and accepting bribes has become a way of life Everyone wants to grow rich overnight. Making a quick buck by fair means or foul has become a craze. None can resist the temptation of easy money. No department is free from corruption. T is rampant in police, courts, offices, hospitals and administration. It trickles from the top to the bottom. The peon is corrupt and takes bribes because the officer does so. The constable is corrupt because the police chief is corrupt. Our leaders and politicians are at the top in corruption. The infection had spread everywhere. The entire fabric of Indian society has become corrupt. Honesty is to be found in books and sermons.
          Corrupt people adopt very clever and cunning methods to full their pockets. Politicians collect funds for parties and elections. But they go into their own pockets. Man of our leaders have risen from rags to riches. They have accounts in foreign banks. They roll in wealth and luxury and own cars, bungalows and agricultural farms. Corruption in high places has become the order of the day. Scams and scandals are quite common. Members of Parliament and State Legislatures are bought and sold for money. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even investigating agencies are corrupt. Those who are caught for corruption bribe investigating officers and come out clean.

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