You are Arvind/Arti student of class Xll. You feel concerned about migration of the talented artists, scientists and engineers on a large scale. Write an article in 200 words.
Brain Drain

Brain Drain

It has often been observed that the best brains of India leave the country and go aboard in search of greener pastures and better opportunities. Many doctors, engineers and scientists feel frustrated in India and seize the first opportunity to go to some advanced country like America, England and Canada. Once they go abroad, they do not think of coming back to India, Their talents are better understood and appreciated there. They get so many facilities for further research and experiment that they make new inventions and discoveries. They win great name and fame, wealth and honor. They are lost to India and India is lost to them.
          This is how brain drain occurs. India is constantly losing its best brains, is highly talented people. It is a serious problem. India must find ways and means to solve this problem. Avenues and opportunities must be found to absorb them here in India. If they go abroad, they have everything to utilized, India can reach the pinnacle of development.
          Brain Drain is one of the causes of India’s backwardness. The developed countries are far ahead of us. England, Americam France and Canada have left India far behind. India will take another fifty years to reach their level of development. In  the meanwhile they will go farther ahead. Thus this vicious circle will go on till we harness the indigenous talent.
          India must launch development plans to exploit the abilities and capabilities of our young men and women. We should not have low and poor opinions about them. In the fields of science and technology they are second to none. We neglect, ignore and brush them aside. Other countries take full advantage of them. It is  fact that Indians and potatoes are found everywhere. Indians shine and rise wherever they go. Many Indians have risen to the high positions of mayors, senators, councilors, legislators and even prime ministers in other countries. A few of them have won the coveted Nobel Prize abroad. Their powers, potentialities and faculties do not find a conducive atmosphere in India to grow, develop and culminate.

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